On 21 October we held the 7th CBN meeting with our very special guest speaker and extreme adventurer David Grier. It was great to catch up and network with residents and their guests again, 6 months since the last meeting took place.

David shared stories of courage, perseverance and life long learning from his various running challenges around the world, including his two time run across the Great Wall of China, his run across Cuba and his run from Nepal to the Indian Ocean. What an inspiration to all attendees and a talk most will soon not forget.

As part of CBNs community support initiative Rob Mason and Niki Mason from LIV Cape Town gave us an exciting update on their new Cape Town early childhood development centre which will break ground very soon after receiving the necessary city council approvals.

Our wine tasting partner for the evening was Groot Constantia. It was their first visit to Clara Anna Fontein and attendees enjoyed their award winning wines and presentation.

At LIV Cape Town we are passionate about Early Childhood Education.

The Bible says: Dedicate your children to God and point them in the way that they should go, and the values they’ve learned from you will be with them for life. (Prov22:6 TPT)

Many South African children are born-at-risk because of the country’s long history of crime and poverty. Early childhood experiences have lifelong impacts. We want to give children from disadvantaged families a fighting chance to succeed.

It takes years to build a Legacy. Even Decades. Or sometimes Centuries.

Groot Constantia’s is testimony of how one man’s love for wine established South Africa’s first wine farm in 1685. Our wines are from rich African soil, crafted to perfection. Groot Constantia memories are part of literature and heritage and embodies the timeless endeavour to perfection. Our heritage stands for growth, life and beauty. It is alive and vibrant, like the vineyards we hold dear. It is in our hearts.